"Established using shipments of Charollais
from the original and largest flock
in the southern hemisphere."

About Elite Charollais NZ

Elite Charollais was established by shipments of Charollais sheep, semen and embryos from Charollais Australia. Charollais Australia is the original and largest pure bred Charollais flock in the southern hemisphere (350 pure bred ewes and 120 pure ewe hoggets, 2014).

Since its inception Elite Charollais have extensively progeny tested over 12 Charollais rams in New Zealand and CT scanned over 150 progeny. Stock are continually scrutinized for functionality and culled if they don’t measure up. All lambs are SIL recorded.

Extensive use of embryo transfer and AI has enabled us to rapidly multiply our superior genetics and “Kiwize” the flock.

Breeding Aims

Elite Charollais rams produce easy lambing, fast growing lambs with a great carcass.

  • Easy lambing - The wedge shaped body of Elite Charollais rams ensures their progeny slip out easily.
  • Fast early growth rate - At Elite Charollais we are targeting weaning weight as our major growth rate trait.
  • Carcass lean content - A significant number of our Elite Charollais rams carry the “extra vertebrae” which equates to an extra-long loin. We use extensive CT scanning to identify breeding lines of Charollais that carry the Charollais muscling gene C+ (different from myomax). C+ significantly increases carcass lean content but is not linked to slow growth rate.

Breed improvement

Elite Charollais are SIL recorded, utilizing ultrasound scanning and growth rate recording to identify potentially elite sheep. Approximately 20% of lambs then undergo CT scanning which very accurately identifies how much muscle is in each individual animal and more importantly, where in the body the muscle exists. Promising rams are then progeny tested.

SIL data analysis is used to collate all the data and identifies those elite individuals. Embryo transfer and AI are then used to breed from the best and increase the rate of genetic gain.