• Easy lambing, well suited to hogget lambing:
  • Wedge shaped with narrow shoulders.
  • Long large loin, many Charollais carry an extra vertebrae.
  • Large hind quarter means more meat where it counts.
  • Fast growing early maturing: more lambs sold off mum.
Elite Charollais & Premier Charollais Joint Inaugural Ram Auction Feilding Sale Yards | December 1st | 12:30pm

Why Charollais?

Charollais are the easy lambing, early maturing prime lamb sire – the ideal sire to use over ewe hoggets and where ever fast finishing, early maturing lambs with a great carcass are required.

The Carollais Advantage
  • Very easy lambing = more lambs tailed.
  • Robust and vigorous lambs at birth.
  • Fast growth to 45 kgs LWT.
  • More lambs sold off mum.
  • Long carcass with great loin and hind quarter.
  • High lean to bone ratio.
  • Clean on the points.
  • White downs wool & not a maggot trap.
  • Active and fertile rams.

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The Charollais Pedigree.

The Charollais breed is centered around the town of Charolles in the Saone Loire region of France where it grazes alongside the famous Charolais Cattle. Over the years Charollais rams have grown in popularity and are currently the number 1 most popular terminal sire breed in France and the 2nd most popular terminal sire breed in the UK .

Charollais – easy lambing and early maturing with meat where it counts.